The Academy: The Business Side of Medicine. 

The Academy: The Business Side of Medicine. 

By Dr. Chris Connelly  

Any growing need must be met with a solution equipped to solve the current issues and anticipate any that may arise over time. That is why The Academy of Georgia Chiropractors was founded. Too many evidence-informed chiropractors feel alone and stuck in their development.  

The Academy of Georgia Chiropractors is a scholarly, evidence-based organization of practitioners who are committed to the acquisition of the social, cultural, and professional authority for the chiropractic profession, where the Doctor of Chiropractic serves a vital role in the mainstream health delivery system and is totally integrated as a non-surgical spinal care specialist. The Academy is dedicated to clinical excellence, intellectual honesty, professional integrity, ethical practice, and the delivery of patient-centered, patient-safe, evidence-influenced care, and best practice. 

The Academy is an organization committed to helping you as a doctor, a business owner, and an individual. Committed to providing you with benefits that you can use, training that will help you as a healthcare provider and relationships that will generate income. We will focus on directing the course of chiropractic practice for the future toward full integration into the healthcare systemFounded in 2019, The Academy follows six core values: 

  1. Clinical Excellence Drives Success.
  2. Education Drives Clinical Excellence.
  3. Spinal Manipulation is a modality, not the totality.
  4. Physical health requires fiscal health.
  5. We support medical collaboration based on evidence, not separation based on philosophy.
  6. It’s never the wrong thing to do the right thing.

The Academy empowers you with the benefits, collaborative relationships, and education you need to be an industry leader. 

Highest Standards of Care 

Chiropractors in The Academy must pledge to conform to the highest standards of care providing primary non-surgical clinical management of the spine and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions. While chiropractors have unique and specialized primary training in the appropriate and skillful application of the chiropractic adjustment and manipulation of the spine and other joints, the practice of chiropractic is not limited to, or defined by, these modalities. 

Diagnosis-Based Patient-Centered Healthcare 

The Academy supports diagnosis-based, patient-centered healthcare that draws upon a provider’s expertise and the available research while effectively and cost-consciously treating the patient. Through clinical competency, the chiropractor will determine the safest and most effective treatment, even if it involves referral to another healthcare provider. 

Outcome-Based Approach 

The Academy respects provider clinical expertise and recognizes the importance of individual provider competence in combination with the most current evidence-based practices to fit the needs of a patient in an outcome-based approach. 

Modern Chiropractic 

The Academy acknowledges the historical roots of the chiropractic profession but embraces and promotes a modern model of chiropractic practice based on scientific evidence that is informed yet not dictated by our philosophical past. 

Team Approach 

The Academy promotes the chiropractic profession as part of an integrative healthcare team working together in the care of our patients using the common basis of evidence-based practices that are common to all of the healthcare sciences. 

The Academy 

The Academy is an invitationonly group of elite chiropractors who agree to promote clinical excellence and evidence-based care. One of our core member services is building relationships. Part of our relationship building is our exclusive members ONLY directory.  

If you are a member please submit your practice information at the site below to be included in the directory. It’s free for members to be listed but you must fill out your practice information. 

Embracing evidence-based care is the only path forward for the chiropractic profession. Academy members will be recognized as valued members of the healthcare team. Who receive referrals from, and work collaboratively with, other medical providers. Chiropractors should be the first choice for musculoskeletal care and should be fairly reimbursed. 

As a homage to Dr. Stull (one of our founding members who died March 2020) and a gesture of goodwill to our devastated economy, The Academy has allocated $200,000 to offer 250 COMPLETELY FREE MEMBERSHIPS in 2020.  There is no commitment to continue after 2020. We credential providers in all states and welcome other professions. 

The Academy seeks to advance the chiropractor’s role in the healthcare team as a primary non-surgical care provider for the spine and other musculoskeletal conditions.  To accomplish this goal, The Academy works to create a public and professional image as an organization dedicated to the highest standards of professional ethics, a commitment to true scholarship, and a rigorous vetting process for membership selection.  Membership in the Academy is not for everyone. We are looking for those who want to join us in advancing our profession to a new level of acceptance and cooperation in the field of healthcare.  

We support medical collaboration based on evidence, not separation based on philosophy. 

We are a unique organization comprised of a group of chiropractic AND other healthcare professionals willing to commit to a common ideal of practice excellence and interprofessional cooperation.  As such, the Academy of Georgia Chiropractors is organized as a forprofit entity which allows us to promote many business functions on behalf of our members that would not be allowed in a traditional non-profit trade association model. 

Member benefits include benefits such as optional access to health insurance, discounts with Academy partners, online referral directory, staff training, and more. Go to our website to learn more.

If approved by the Board, you will be extended an offer of membership in The Academy.  You will be asked to sign a “Membership Agreement” which is a contract that affirms your commitment to follow the tenets of The Academy.  This agreement allows us to promote referrals, business agreements, and other benefits for you and our members while remaining legally compliant with all Stark, Anti-Kickbackand other laws governing interprofessional groups.   

You can learn more and submit an application at 

Steve Barnett, DC 

Richard Buchanan, DC 

Chris Connelly, DC 

Mark Cotney, DC 

Doug Giles, DC 

Robert Hayden, DC 

Davis Kinney, DC